Lingerie Model Or Just Another Customer?

“When buying lingerie women often fall into distinct categories or groups separated by style and taste. For some women, nothing but fantastic designer lingerie will suffice and they wouldn’t be seen anywhere near dead in anything without a designer label on it. For these ladies comfort and fit will play second fiddle to how much it cost or who’s label is stitched into it. The same applies to their luxurious nightwear like silk nightgowns and pure silk pajamas too. Unless it cost something akin to the national debt of a small eastern European country you aren’t going to find it hanging in their closets either.

These ladies are virtually lingerie models in the true sense of the terminology because they spend their days clad in the most exclusive designer lingerie money can buy and they will have bodies to go with that image. Unless you measure your dress sizes in microns you wouldn’t normally give this kind of silky satin delights a second glance but all that is changing fast. Big is once again beautiful and statistics suggest that the average woman is indeed getting bigger. This means that those silky bits of nothingness that were once the domain of the anorexic lettuce eating stick insect are now available to women of all sizes.

On the other side of the clothes rail so to speak are the ladies who are more interested in comfort than style and their thinking is that if you can’t see it why spend a king’s ransom or sell off vital organs to pay for it in the first place? These women are at odds with and are arch-rivals of the fashion divas who would rather go without food than wear WalMart price panties. To them, lingerie is just an everyday necessity that you should change often in the interest of personal hygiene or cover you in the unlikely event that you should be involved in an auto accident. Imagine the fashion-conscious lingerie model coming round in E.R. to find herself wearing one of those horrendous hospital gowns instead of her megabucks designer lingerie which the hospital authorities have probably locked in the safe anyway.

Mrs average will have much better things to do with her hard-earned cash than spend it on silky satin lingerie or designer nightwear. After all, she would argue that you can’t eat it, can you? Then again I expect that you have heard of edible lingerie but we aren’t going there today, no way. So for these will never sample the delectable sensation of pure silk decadence brushing over their bodies or the caress of soft silky satin nightwear as they curl up at home in the evenings. For them, it’s flannel and cotton and the best of what Walmart has to offer in the way of lingerie fashion or practical comfy nightwear.

So there you have it, what’s good for the goose in the lingerie department isn’t always what’s so good for the gander as they say. In fact, there is an abundance of lingerie out there for every taste from the sublime to the outrageous in every size or color you could ever wish for. Whether you fancy yourself as a lingerie model or you crave the comfort zone your needs have never been so well catered for as they are today. Thanks to the internet and online lingerie shopping the needs of everyone can be met which in turn means everybody’s happy or at least they should be. Enjoy your lingerie shopping!”